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Our Mieda Customers

Our customers are successful people who recognize the value of an inspiring design aesthetic and the impact it has on the quality of their lifestyle—whether that may be at home, at work, or at their recreational property.

Our customers also know that exceptionally crafted furniture may cost more initially, but in the long run furniture that is built to last actually costs less.

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The Mieda Quality Advantage

In order to achieve the perfect design aesthetic, we take our design clues from our customers and in many cases, from their very talented designers. Your furniture must fit your décor and your space – and also your lifestyle. Over the years, we have developed exceptional listening skills and an ability to interpret and manifest client desires.

We can work from detailed CAD specifications provided by your designer, their hand drawn sketches, or even marked-up photos of something that has inspired you.

Often we have clients who say, “I need something that fits in here… I want something like this, except it needs to be deeper and taller, or wider here, or sleeker there, or longer, with this fabric …” We synthesize this information, suggest design options and help you choose precisely what you want, with agreement from all parties before we start the manufacturing process.

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Our people are a key factor in our craftsmanship. Our team is comprised of highly experienced crafts-people who have formally studied and trained specifically for their chosen profession. With the transient nature of many trades in today’s society, we take great pride in the tenure that our team members have with us. This consistency in our work force makes for easy and accurate communication and affords us consistency in our craftsmanship. In short, it ensures you get what you want.

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Our Processes. Mieda has been in business for over 10 years. Under the leadership of Daniel Nguyen-Moreira, Mieda’s owner and Chief Quality Fanatic, we have developed tried and true methods and procedures to ensure exceptional quality in our furniture.

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Our Materials. Mieda frames are made with kiln dried poplar hardwood. While it costs us more, kiln dried poplar hardwood is far superior to frame grade maple used by most other high end manufacturers. You see, as Canadians we live in an environment that is subject to some of the most dramatic climate swings on the planet. Maple has many knots and tends to warp with temperate and humidity change – and can even split. On the other hand the kiln dried poplar hardwood we use has very few knots and is less likely to warp and split in changing Canadian indoor climates. Another issue with the use of maple, which is exceptionally hard, is fabric “bruising”. Bruising can occur when hammering tacks. The poplar we use has the added benefit of more easily accommodating hammering and therefore avoids fabric bruising. Finally, we also prefer poplar because it is environmentally friendly due to its quick growth.

While many manufacturers may take framing short cuts, and in the worst cases resort to stapling, all Mieda joints are glued, dowelled and screwed for added strength. While this framing process takes us longer, it ensures your Mieda furniture will last a very long time.

When it comes to suspension, durability is extremely important. We use coil springs for a long lasting suspension. It is a suspension that has been proven durable for the last 100 years.

We use high density foam throughout our seat and cushion construction. For example, our seat cushions use a minimum density of 2.0 lbs/in3 (vs only 1.6 lbs/in3 for many other manufacturers). This helps our cushions maintain their shape and comfort much longer. For us 2.0 is a minimum, for some customers and applications we will use even higher density. Of course, many of our customers choose to upgrade their cushions with a feather wrap for an ultra decadent look and feel.

These are some of the ways Mieda furniture is set apart from other custom furniture. We invite you to contact us to better understand how a custom upholstered Mieda piece could make a difference for you.

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